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  • 5 Things Only Michigan Hunters Know November 25, 2014
    Hunters know a lot of stuff. It’s true, just ask them. Hunters in the Great Lake State know even more and a lot of what they know has to do with traditions. Hunting is a sport steeped in tradition, and just about every part of hunting season has some tradition involved with it---whether it's deer […]
    Outwrite Outdoors
  • Photos: Where Was This Massive Wolf Taken? November 25, 2014
    Alaska is home to about 7,000 to 11,000 gray wolves, from the rain forests of the southeastern panhandle---yes, Alaska has rain forests---to the tundra along the Beaufort Sea. However, if you think these massive wolves were taken in Alaska, you're only half right. The true answer is, of course, that these wolves are pure Hollywood. […]
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  • Video: 6 of the Greatest Hunting Fails Ever Recorded November 25, 2014
    What makes a good hunter is the ability to look back and learn from your mistakes. After all, we're all human and even the most experienced hunters were, at some time, novices. However, most have the good fortune of not having those mistakes be on tape (or SD card). Not everybody has that kind of […]
    Daniel Xu
  • Video: Wolves Attack Deer in Alberta November 25, 2014
    Alberta is experiencing something of a wolf problem, especially when it comes to their predatory habits. This video of two wolves bringing down a deer hit YouTube just as Alberta researchers released a study on the results of a seven-year wolf cull in the province meant to safeguard a vulnerable caribou herd. The Canadian Press reported […]
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  • Florida 12-year-olds Reel in Invasive Amazonian Catfish November 24, 2014
    It is not unusual for Ethan Lloyd and Christian Scheibe, both 12 years old, to spend their weekends fishing their local pond in Oakleaf, Florida. Last week, however, the two boys hooked something quite out of the ordinary: a redtail catfish native to the Amazon River in South America. "It was fairly big, and whenever […]
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  • California Officials Record First Attack on Human by a Wild Boar November 24, 2014
    While feral pigs may not be as big of a problem in California as in Texas, there is little question that the animals are widely established throughout the state. Existing in all but two of 58 counties, California's wild pig population is actually a mix of swine brought over by early Spanish and Russian explorers, […]
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